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Likely, you'll have 3 questions

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1. What are we doing?

Smartup Zero is a social-technical experiment. It aims to prove that if we own, create, and govern our own technologies as intelligent collectives, we are better equipped to solve our complex global problems.  


The first technology we are building following this defined method is Onlive

2. What the flute is Onlive?

Onlive is an internet-free information network for groups of people that are somewhere together. It can equip communities all over the world with a new digital toolset to assist people in navigating their changing natural and cultural climates without reliance on internet or any third-party hardware or software besides the phones that they carry. 

3. Why didn't you tell me sooner, how can I help?

We’ve mapped out the path forward and are seeking a bold and brave crew to join our multi-talented team on this adventure. Come and walk the walk with us. Soon we’ll launch a crowdfunding round where you can secure your co-ownership.

But probably you'll have even more questions, like:

1. Our scientific method


We have acces to technology that entertains and inform us as individuals and consumers BUT distracts and discourages us to change the systems.


We can own, create and govern technology that connect us as citizens and producers, to equip us to deal with the complex issues that are facing humanity


We are building Onlive following the Smartup method and we learn and adjust as we'll progress.

Best case scenario

A new tool people can use all over the world to change their systems for the better of their nature and culture & a new technology-design-template for the many more tools that we are going to need to prevent an inhabitable planet for ourselves and future generations.

Our current research partners

Research History

Transient Social Networks & Context

2018/2019 - Final report of the OnLive ClickNL Project: The social network of the real world - TNO & RS New Media Concepts

Technology governance research

2019/2020 - Research into open source governance models for technology design - RS New Media Concepts

POC research

2020/2022 - Erasmus scholars worked on the Onlive prototype for Android while identifying future challenges on security and user experience- Erasmus Program & RS New Media Concepts

Our current research area's

Audio trilateration
Context description language
UI/UX challenges
Plugin design
Storytelling research


“Whether developing a new product or service, researching a topic of interest, seeking a cure for cancer, or improving conditions in underserved communities, a group's Collective IQ is a key determinant of how effectively it will respond to the challenges presented. More specifically, regardless of the end goals, it comes down to how quickly and intelligently the group can identify needs and opportunities, develop and deploy solutions, and incorporate lessons learned, while continuously iterating and adapting to changing conditions until the goals are met” - (Douglas Engelbart Institute, about Collective IQ ).
Douglas Engelbart
Computer pioneer

Collective IQ = collective ownership+governorship+workmanship

Collective Ownwership

Technology ownership is typically limited to founders and shareholders based on their initial financial contributions. However, Smartup Zero is testing a different approach. We distribute ownership equally to all those involved in building and governing the idea together, prioritizing contribution and collaboration over financial investments. This shift changes ownership from a focus on profits to one on responsibility. By joining a Smartup, you can contribute your time, skills and network towards building solutions that aligns with the United Nations sustainability goals. It all starts at 0_timeline. The arena in which Smartups are born. 

Collective Governorship

In Smartup Zero, everyone has the right and obligation to participate in governance, acting as caretakers and fulfilling their responsibility as owners. The two fundamental principles of governance in a Smartup are deliberation and oversight. Deliberation involves informed discussions leading to decision-making, often through voting. Oversight is performed through a transparent structure that is implemented at every level of the organization. To actively participate in deliberation and oversight, it is essential to be well-informed, engaged, and critically aware of what is happening within the Smartup. This is what all co-owners can do in the general forum. Being the democratic heart of every Smartup. Here you can see an overview of our current General Forum:

Collective workmanship

A Smartup is a company where people work on developing a product or service, with a significant amount of effort required. The organizational structure encourages owners to also be workers, achieved through the simple and clear rule that the only way to earn money in a Smartup is by becoming a member of the workplace and contributing to tasks.

All funds raised through crowdfunding are utilized to support collective workmanship, enabling the workplace to undertake crucial work to develop a marketable and sustainable technology that helps communities become more resilient. Get a glimpse of the workplace of Smarup Zero:

Smartup Zero modus operandi

Obviously, we need a platform that allows us to work together in a structured fashion. We don’t have to invent the wheel for that. We can use existing platforms for collaboration:


Slack is our Smartup Zero home. Here we can own, work and govern.

Google Drive

Google Drive keeps all our files together and allows us to collaborate on them.


With Trello we create an overview over all activities in Smartup Zero


On Gitlab we keep our code.

Our collective IQ in numbers

Current Smartup Zero Owners
Current Smartup Zero Workers
Current Smartup Zero Teams

3. Our democracy


Smartups rely solely on crowdfunding for income, stimulating democratic practices by encouraging collective participation in co-creation and co-governance. Each contribution represents a vote of confidence in the Smartup’s mission and advances democratic decision-making in technology development.

Deliberation & oversight

In a Smartup we practice deliberation and oversight. Deliberation involves informed discussions leading to decision-making, often through voting. Oversight is performed through a transparent structure that is implemented at every level of the organization. These are the rights and obligation of every Smartup co-owner. 

Become an owner

Join the first Smartup in the world!

Your membership fee is required one time. Your money will become part of the Smartup Zero Workplace budget. Together with the money of other Smartup Zero members and of generous sponsors we have a budget to work on the challenging tasks.


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