With our Onlive-Mesh protocol research, we are designing an information network that solely exists out of people’s smartphones that share time and space together. For example, people in the same room, in the same building or at the same event. We group those phones and create a trustworthy, stable and resilient connections between them based on the latest mesh-technologies that are inside our smartphones. The goal is to build a reliable information network that people can trust and will always work as long as people have smartphones with battery life. It’s a protocol for a network that needs no servers, no satellites, no antenna’s and no external hardware. Just the devices that people bring to the situation they are sharing with the people around them. A network for people living, working and experiencing the real world together. 

Engineering challenges:

Internet Free mobile communication in a physical space

Implementation of mesh-topology in modern day smartphones

Designing a protocol stack for a continuously evolving network

Creating a network with dynamic/ moving nodes

The applications

There are numerous applications for this technology

Disaster response

When normal communication infrastructure is down Onlive will work.

Community resource sharing

Sharing local transportation, food, knowledge and many other resources.

Classroom participation

Mobile phones become tools of participation instead of tools of distraction

Citizens empowerment

No third-parties hardware/software means no sensorship from governments.

Research roadmap

At the moment we are in Phase 2. 

1. Protocol design
02/23 - 08/23

Finding out of the theory works in practice. Topology design, initial protocol test, performance testing, iteration practices

2. Android/IOS Mesh libary dev
09/23 - 12/23

Engineering an IOS and Android Libary. Integration in the ONLIVE native app. Forseeable challenges:  local backend design, security of decentralized data. 

3. Large scale testing/launcing
01/24 - 5/23

Use case building. Testing the network under all kind of different circumstances and situations. After this the technology should be ready for the market.   

This is a mission of 3_6_science_team & 3_3_development_team

Smartup Zero Science Team

Smartup Zero members that are involved in this mission:

Jeroen van Wijck


Attiq Bin Khalid


Leonid Borodaev


Malik Dawar


Robbert Schep


Rix Groenboom