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A Smartup creates people-owned technologies. So who are the people of Smartup Zero?? Find out in this personal blog section where you can read the personal stories of the people who collectivly own, create and govern the Onlive platform.  

Voices from

The Project Leaders Team

Robbert Schep


Digital design and prototyping 90%
Pitch & presentations 75%

Experienced startup entrepreneur in the field of event applications. Pushing into digital frontiers between the online and offline world. 

Bharath Rao (Baz)


Scientific copy writing 80%
Copy writing and publishing 74%

14+ years connecting the dots across healthcare via research, analysis, science communications, market access & digital health.

Bernard Schep


Business development
Partnerships, clients and lobby 80%
Business modelling and presentation 74%

Experienced business representative for US, European, Chinese & Indian high tech Internet companies.

Joost Heijkoop


Back end and architecture 80%
Assessments and documentation 74%

Passionate software craftsman. Always looking to help, learn, teach, build and meet people.

Leonid Borodaev


Data science
Workflow management 80%
Government finance
Grant proposals 74%

Software engineer and R&D researcher. Experienced in conducting research with partners.

Insight 6

Escaping the abusive relationship with our phone.

What does it take for people to recognise a dystopia? I’ve been asking myself, and long-suffering others, variants of that question since the world went lala-crazy all those decades ago…

Why are we not talking about trust?

The digital world will never be able to help people create antibodies to fight COVID-19 infections. That enormous challenge is for the brightest medical scientist. Out of all the things…