Through Onlive, we’re developing an application to assist users in finding and connecting with new people. One of our target subgroups is students who struggle with networking and engaging in conversation with others. Research indicates that students experience difficulty with both social and professional networking, ranging from introversion or social awkwardness to simply not knowing where to start in meeting new people.

This research involves creating a unique user experience that enables students to become familiar with Onlive’s features and how they can benefit from the app in their efforts to connect with people nearby.



How can we design a user experience that is truly unique and tailored to the needs of individuals, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach?


How can we integrate and ensure seamless compatibility of the new solution within the existing Onlive application?


How can we identify and address any barriers or misconceptions that may be preventing potential users from trying our app?


What strategies can we employ to ensure that our solution aligns with the overarching vision and goals of Smartup Zero?

Research roadmap

At the moment we are in Phase 2. 

1. initial research
feb-apr 2023

We will gather information on the target audience and other relevant design and research questions through desk research, various forms of interviews, and diary studies. This information will serve as the foundation for several potential solutions, which will then be synthesized into a cohesive concept.

2. concepting
april 2023

Based on the findings of our initial research, we will develop a concept and visualize it. This concept will then be presented to the target audience for feedback, to determine whether it aligns with their needs and expectations.

3. Prototyping
may 2023

The concept will be brought to life using a prototyping tool, specifically Figma. By using this tool, we will be able to create a functional representation of the solution. Users will have the opportunity to experience the solution and interact with it as if it were a live application.

3. Evaluation
june 2023

The prototype will undergo multiple rounds of evaluations to ensure that it is functioning as intended and to identify areas for potential improvement. Through this iterative process, we aim to develop an interactive prototype that provides the target audience with a positive and engaging experience, helping them to achieve their goal of meeting and interacting with new people.

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Smartup Zero Science Team

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Robbert Schep


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