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Creating Digital Herd Immunity

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A novel virus, creating global problems, requires local solutions, calling for novel action.

Smartup Zero are a collective who co-own, create and govern the Onlive platform.


Onlive creates social networks in all the different groups we are part of when we are out and about in our cities and villages. In these networks, new type of apps are available for local governments, business owners and citizens to, collaboratively, create a safe and fun experience.


Together with effective contact-tracing by health authorities Onlive can help achieving Digital Herd Immunity against the novel coronavirus.


Join us now and help Onlive to become the best version of itself so it can achieve that goal. 

Observation (of global problems)

Corona attacks the most vulnerable of the physical groups we move and live with. A vaccine or herd immunity aren't the answer now, and won't be for years. Yet, the world is already opening up again, pressured by devastated economies. Digital Herd Immunity is a bridge over troubled financial waters that allows us to relegate the virus to the least harmful corners in our communities.

Hypothesis (for a local solution)

To achieve Digital Herd Immunity, we need to take a step back from the global online matrix. This means we need a platform that exists outside of the internet, connecting local groups in the real world. A platform owned, created & governed by the same people it is for. Onlive is a groundbreaking framework to become such a platform. We just have to organize ourselves a bit differently.

Experiment (calling for novel action)

Onlive is being built by Smartup Zero. Disruptive times require disruption of conventional practices, with all the complexity that comes with that. At Smartup Zero, we want to fail and improve as fast as we grow. If you want to co-own, create or govern a system that can provide hope, trust and empowerment to groups of people around the world, then we'd love you to get in touch! Let's get to work

Step up to the plate

Become an owner

A Smartup has a completely different approach to ownership than ‘normal’ companies. It spreads out ownership equally among the people who are building and governing the idea together. If you think you or your organization can contribute with talent, skills and/or network to help Onlive become the best version of itself, become a co-owner and step up to that plate.  

Become a sponsor

A Smartup needs to be completely independent of commercial investors and government funds. Still, it needs community budget to reward those that take responsibility and give their passion and energy to help Onlive become the best version it can be. You or your organization can sponsor us and connect your name or brand to the birth of the first Smartup in the world. 

Smartup Zero values

Want to find out quickly if you or your organization can identify with the core values of Smartup Zero? 

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Working for a Smartup happens in the Workplace. Depending on your own talent, skills and willfulness, you can subscribe to a specific team within the Workplace. When you are part of the team you can contribute to specific discussions and apply for roles inside your team. Have a look at our Smartup Zero Workplace to find out what team and role is a best fit for you.

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