A Smartup creates technology to shape our cultures into healers of our nature.

Smartup Zero is the name of an field experiement where we co-own, create and govern Onlive. It’s an mobile operating system (OS) between the online and offline world. A humane, people-owned OS that augments people as a group in the physical world. The privacy of the individual is being protected and collaboration as a collective supported. We’ve mapped out how we can get there. Now we’re looking for a bold & brave crew to start walking the walk.  Join our multi-talented team of volunteers on this great adventure.   


We bank on technology that is designed to isolate us as users and consumers.


We can own technology to connect us as citizens and producers


We are building Onlive following the Smartup method.

Step up to the plate

Become an owner

A Smartup has a completely different approach to ownership than traditional companies. It spreads out ownership equally among the people who are building and governing the idea together. If you think you or your organization can contribute with talent, skills and/or network to help Onlive become the best version of itself, become a co-owner and step up to that plate.  

Become a sponsor

A Smartup is completely independent of commercial investors and government funds. Community budgets are needed to reward those that take responsibility and help with their passion, energy & talents. Your sponsorship will connect you or your organization at the ground floor to the birth of the first Smartup in the world.

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Why are we not talking about trust?

The digital world will never be able to help people create antibodies to fight COVID-19 infections. That enormous challenge is for the brightest medical scientist. Out of all the things…

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